Advantages of dSLR Cameras

Advantages of dSLR Cameras


Today, dSLR cameras are available in a variety of price ranges. Gone are the times when even an entry-level dSLR camera cost $2,000 or more, which means that you can find an affordable dSLR camera that will be right for you. Here is what makes dSLR cameras stand out from other digital cameras:

You can switch lenses

While most built-in smartphone cameras today can take high-quality pictures, they only have one lens. With a dSLR, you can use a variety of lenses to accomplish a number of different goals. For example, you can have a zoom lens to shoot objects that you would not be able to shoot otherwise. You can also have a super-wide-angle lens to shoot panoramic pictures. With a close-up lens, you will be able to show objects that are very close in a very new and interesting way. You can also use highly specialized optics such as Aspherical AutoFocus lens.

Once you invest in a dSLR, be prepared to experience a desire to buy a lot of different lenses. Before you know it, you will start contemplating a variety of lenses for different purposes such as a telephoto lens, a wide angle lens and so on.

No matter what lens you use with your dSLR, you can see a big image before you take a picture

You may be already using the same functionality with your smartphone or tablet. A dSLR combines the opportunity to see virtually the entire image with an extremely high quality of the image. You will not have to wonder whether you have cropped a picture in a strange way while taking it. All dSLR cameras come with two viewfinders, an optical one, and a digital one. On days without bright sunlight, you can use the digital viewfinder. However, on sunny days your pictures would often look washed out on the digital screen, which is not a problem with a dSLR because you can use the optical viewfinder.

A dSLR camera has a very quick response to the trigger

With many high-quality professional cameras, you have to press the shutter release and then wait for up to a few seconds for the camera to take the shot. This is not the case with dSLR cameras. While most modern digital cameras, including basic point-and-shoot devices, can create images very quickly, hardly any of them can match the speed of a dSLR device. Some dSLR cameras can shoot as quickly as four to ten frames per second, which is something very few point-and-shoot cameras can do.

All of these advantages allow you to use a dSLR camera and its functionality to the fullest. With a dSLR camera, you can master the basic photography and conquer much harder frontiers such as action photography, flash, and portrait photos.