Guide to Buying a Used DSLR Camera

Guide to Buying a Used DSLR Camera

Cameras and lenses can be quite expensive. Some people who are passionate about photography have not explored it on a professional level because they cannot afford to buy the equipment. The good news is that you can get used DSLR cameras at a relatively lower price. The not so good news is that it can be quite a risky investment, especially if you are buying online.

Tips for Buying a Used Camera

  • Buy non professionally used: If you are buying a used camera from a professional photographer, chances are that it has a lot of wear and tear. The more a camera is used, it definitely depreciates in value. It is better to buy from someone who was using it for personal reasons and barely got to use it.
  • Look at shutter count: No matter how new the body of a camera looks, you should always check the shutter count. It will tell you how much use the camera has received over time.
  • Inspect the sensor: For you to buy a good DSLR, you must know the all important components since having that information is what will guide you when you are making your purchase. One of the critical details that you should not ignore when buying a used camera is how the sensor functions. It should not have scratches or any form of malfunction.
  • Know the price of a new one: There is no point in buying a used camera if the price margin between the new and used one is negligible. Always have the price of a new one as a reference point. It helps you negotiate better and know when you are getting a good deal.

It is always advisable that you buy a used camera that you can test and confirm that it is working. Never pay for a camera that you have not seen and verified.