What it means to take photos faster

What it means to take photos faster


If you are just getting started with photography, you may not realize that taking pictures is a process that consists of multiple steps, such as manually placing the camera, adjusting the settings, waking up the camera from the sleep mode that it may enter to conserve the battery and so on.

One of the benefits of digital SLR cameras is that everything they do, they do more quickly and more responsively. This may become very important if you take a lot of pictures in the spur of the moment or if you need your camera to take a picture in the very moment that you are pressing the trigger. Many inexpensive point-and-shoot cameras are very slow compared to dSLR cameras. This article will introduce you to two key areas of speedy performance of dSLR cameras.

Time it takes the camera to wake up

Some of the fastest non-SLR digital cameras can turn on and be ready to take pictures in about two to three seconds. Cheaper models may take longer, from four to six seconds. What is even worse is that many of these cameras consume a lot of battery power, primarily due to the LCD screen located on the back of the camera, which is why to conserve the power they go into stand-by mode in as little as 30 seconds provided that you are not actively operating the camera. When you turn on your dSLR camera, it is ready to take pictures before you can even look in the viewfinder. Some cameras can take pictures in as little as 0.2 seconds.

Energy use by dSLR cameras

dSLR cameras also do not enter the sleep mode quickly because they consume very little battery power when not in use. You can leave your dSLR camera on for as much as a few days and still be able to use it very promptly. All you will have to do is press a button and the camera will wake up almost instantly.

The autofocus and the auto exposure functions will enter sleep mode after you move your finger away from the shutter button, but you can turn them on again very quickly and keep shooting.

These are just some of the reasons why using a digital SLR camera can feel so much more pleasant and convenient compared to point-and-shoot model.